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L'odyssée du leadership

Sunday, 29 September 2013

L'odyssée du leadership


Introduction – La seule chose qui ne change pas est le changement...

Faire grandir la Confiance

Friday, 08 October 2010

Faire grandir la confiance

 adapter en restant soi meme
Organisation Coaching - Performance Coaching

Your Issues


  • Create a common vision and then get it executed and deployed by change Leaders
  • Change and transformation management
  • Merger and acquisitions create chaos in teams (cultural clash)
  • Conflicts and disagreement management vs Culture of consensus/"Friendly avoidance syndrom"
  • Never ending meetings - lack of effectiveness
  • Better manage emotional intelligence; relations difficulties who demotivate managers
  • Imperfections ground deployment, Priorities issues/Important or Urgent?
  • "King of the hill" syndrom - Each department drives its own agenda - lack of trust, lack of cooperation - "lonely" managers (don't work as a team)
  • Remote management with Worldwide and European teams
  • Merger & acquisition - Cultural clashs
  • Customer minded or Manufacturing minded Attitude ?
  • Perfectionism or Trial/Adjust mode?


Our offer


  • Organisation Coaching - Performance Coaching - mix of team coaching, Key players supervision, of top executives training and of individual coaching ; 12 to 24 months to create sustainable value - Participate in building the vision, cascade it to key players beyond Leadership team, unlock team performance to manage change and transformation.