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L'odyssée du leadership

Sunday, 29 September 2013

L'odyssée du leadership


Introduction – La seule chose qui ne change pas est le changement...

Faire grandir la Confiance

Friday, 08 October 2010

Faire grandir la confiance

 adapter en restant soi meme
Executive committe Team

Your issues


  • Short teams "under water"/short term, under pression, stressed
  • Create a dynamic tension and build the team
  • Better understand and manage Emotional intelligence in order to better motivate teams
  • Imperfections in execution on the ground, ressources allocation and Priorities management ?
  • Silos/Tug of war between departments - multiple agendas, lack of trust and cooperation - the team is not the stars ; and the stars do not work together
  • Develop high performance teams having back office and front office trusting each other and working together for the unique benefit of same Customer
  • Remote management of Worldwide & regional teams - Multicultural issues/Gaps
  • Merger & acquisition - cultural clash (the "reds" and the "blues" must cooperate)
  • Be in confort zone when in disagreement - agree to disagree (in front of a large group as well as in Face to Face)
  • Project Management mode influence without the hierarchy/power tool




  • Executive committee Team Coaching, 12 months enhance their skills and their effectiveness as a team
  • Co construction of a shared vision, embark key actors to achieve transformation, boost energy for executing the strategy, help build high performance team and help develop powerful individuals
  • Key step are : Backgroung and Expectations, reality/complexity of the company/the system, co creation of coaching journey in order to co create the Objectives, Learning process, Wrap up & next steps