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L'odyssée du leadership

Sunday, 29 September 2013

L'odyssée du leadership


Introduction – La seule chose qui ne change pas est le changement...

Faire grandir la Confiance

Friday, 08 October 2010

Faire grandir la confiance

 adapter en restant soi meme
Welcome on Avantage team, coaching, management

A changing and complex environnment

In current environment and today world we are facing uncertainty, change, disruption, lack of security. Companies could be forced to be reactive and short term driven.




Develop leaders who will develop teams who will grow sustainable bottom line and cash flow.


In order to respond to Companies needs Avantage Team Focus is :

  • Organisation coaching – Performance Coaching - mix of Team coaching, Key players supervision, of top executives training and of individual coaching ; 12 to 24 months to create sustainable value.
  • Executive committee Team Coaching, 12 months enhance their skills and their effectiveness as a team.
  • Top executive individual coaching – 6 to 9 months coaching for performance - Delivrable: Action plan to meet Coaching objectives.
  • Breakthrough Leadership training : 12 months : 4 x 2 days + 1 day (fast track Leadership training on 6 months : 2 x 2 days + 1 day)


Avantage Team coaching process and Methodology


1. "Live" Experimentation: Learning Process.


2. Awareness: Tipping Point to get change ownership.


3. Action: Commitment to change and ownership.